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3 Great Tips to Decrease Your Stress When Using Social Media Sites

Social media is a positive and fun way to get in touch with people. However, you can spend a lot of energy and time on non-productive activities, which will increase your stress levels and make these social media sites less appealing. There are ways to uses these sites effectively.
1) Time – On a social media site your very precious time can be consumed very easily by requesting friends, playing addicting applications, messaging and remessaging people. Then you start surfing the web, guilt feelings of wasted time increases your stress levels. Using a timer will help manage your time. Also, try planning your social media time very carefully, using moderation will aid in reducing the stress of wasted time. The awareness that you cannot take some of these applications very seriously is important; they are there as entertainment and should not cause you stress.
2) Define your reasons for using social media sites – These sites are used very effectively by people who want to keep in touch with family and friends. However, most recently businesses or entrepreneurs use these sites as well. Your personal reasons will dictate how involved you will become in these sites and how stressful you will feel. If you feel good about connecting with some one, learning or profiting from them, then your stress levels should be quite low.
3) Automation will do wonders for your time management – Spending lots of time at your computer typing messages and comments will make you feel very unproductive. There are many ways to automate your message entries so that you can schedule them for different times during the day and you can change the messages so that they can be repurposed. You can also connect several social media sites together to have one entry stream to many sites at once.
"FACEBOOK STRESS" — Keith Hillman
"WHAT CAN STRESS CAUSE?" — Keith Hillman
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August 3rd, 2012 by jalaja

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