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Optimizing your Directory Submissions

Directory Submissions are one of the easiest methods of getting links. The practice has been in place since the concept of link building came into effect when Google started judging a sites' ranking potential based on the number of incoming links it had.

From SEO pros with years of experience to relatively new website owners, a host of people with varying levels of expertise turn to Directory Submission everyday, because they all realize that it is one of the first few steps needed for a website to get indexed by the search engines.

Many of us forget to consider just what Directory Submission involves and how it can best aid our SEO efforts – indiscriminately submitting a site to a bunch of directories will hardly prove to be effective or helpful. There are a number of of factors to consider before you have your site submitted to a directory. Smarter search engines, tougher-than-ever competition and ever-changing SEO trends have made it very important that directory submissions are done with a lot of care and any possible help from experts.

Listed below are the basic do's to consider while submitting to a directory, follow the pointers below to make your submissions more effective.

Directory Submission Tactics

1. Submit only to directories that are recognized by the search engines. The directory should not have their link pages with the 'rel=no follow' attribute for a link, this will prevent the search engines from finding your site in the directory.

2. Submit to the most appropriate category available in the directory. Sites submitted to inappropriate or unrelated categories may be rejected or removed.

3. Read and follow the guidelines before you begin the submission process.

4. Include your target keywords in your anchor text, but don't resort to 'keyword stuffing'.

5. Keep a detailed record of your submissions. You want to avoid submitting to the same directories again.

6. Use relevant targeted keywords instead of popular broad-based keywords as your title. E.g. "Duplex Houses for Sale in Florida" instead of 'Real Estate – Florida'.

7. Have as many titles and descriptions as possible.

8. Keep submitting to directories from time to time – do not stop.

If you find all this too complicated and cumbersome, you could consider using a directory submission company like Directory Maximizer to have all this taken care of you while you focus on other methods of promoting your site.

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August 13th, 2011 by Tanuja
Posted in General, SEO | Comments Off