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Top 5 Sites Promoting the Spirit of the FIFA World Cup 2010

kaka I ain’t no soccer fan and I’ve never watched the World Cup, but this time, I felt an urge to watch it live on television, the result being no fights for the remote! For the first time, I feel the spirit of the football world cup, not because of an instant awakening, but because it’s all around – newspapers, television, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube everywhere!  Even in the online world, it’s almost impossible to stay away from the spirit of the FIFA World Cup 2010! Here are some examples of how a few websites are spreading the joy of the FIFA World Cup 2010 and how they have benefitted from it too.

OleoFireShot capture #096 - 'Football News, Blogs, Live Scores,  Results, Transfers, and Fantasy Football - OleOle' - has managed to bring the football community closer on the web. It was created in 2006 and has stayed active to witness and hold discussions on all major football Cups. The World Cup section offers live scores, travel info, and interesting facts about the game and matches. More than anything else, you have an ultimate community for football lovers to hold discussions which is full of football-driven content. You can join fan clubs for Football Leagues, podcasts, wallpapers, blogs and videos about football.


We have seen South Africa tourism steer towards the World Cup as their new tourism mantra. World Cup 2010 is expected to be a turning point for South Africa in terms of tourism and development., a site which gives information for investors, tourists, citizens and South Africans abroad, has an exclusive page for the World Cup – It includes an SA 2010 Fan kit which gives information about African culture and football, informative articles, match schedule and news about the World Cup.


3.   Twitter
Who could miss this one? There’s an official profile for FIFA World Cup 2010 with over 70,000 followers. It gives instant updates on the matches and comments on performances. Twitter has also come up with FIFA backgrounds for users. There’s also another profile for FIFAWorldCupTM, which gives unofficial FIFA soccer world cup tweets. This user has much more followers than the original profile with over 100,000 members following so far.


I was so smitten by the crystal clear coverage of live action on that I don’t regret not making a trip to South Africa to see the matches live. It also provides updates on scores, schedules, video, interesting info about various teams and even includes info on the best Soccer Pubs in the USA and Canada.


5.   Last, but definitely not the least, World Cup Songs on YouTube
Waka Waka and Wavin’ Flag are infectious! Whether it was Shakira’s moves or K’naan’s powerful lyrics, it spread like wildfire on the Internet. Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) is the new football anthem that was written and performed by Shakira. The song captures the spirit of Africa and the football festival, and with its rhythmical African sounds, the song represents the vitality and energy of the host continent.

Wavin Flag (The Celebration Mix) has been chosen as the official song of Coca-Cola for their 2010 FIFA World Cup. K’naan, who had composed the original song to show his support for the Haitian earthquake relief effort, has collaborated with artistes from various countries like Spain, Brazil, Egypt, Indonesia etc to produce new versions of the song for different regions. David Bisbel, Skank, Nancy Ajram, David Guetta and many others feature in these videos.

These examples show us that you can take a universally celebrated event, optimize the idea, and convert it into better traffic for your site. They have managed to get non-football-fans like me excited about the World Cup after all! If you know of any more sites that have used a simple idea like this to make it big, share it with us in the Comments section.  Also, don’t forget to mention the team who you think will win the Cup this time!

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June 22nd, 2010 by admin

One Response to “Top 5 Sites Promoting the Spirit of the FIFA World Cup 2010”

  1. Kunal David Says:

    Well, it’s awesome to see that so many people are taking advantage of the Soccer World Cup. Another fact that I’d like to add here, is this bit of information I chanced upon a couple of days ago. Twitter is seeing record number of retweets for score updates on their site, with the Brazil opening match seeing 2900+ retweets per second! Can you imagine that…?
    Also, if you’d like here’s a very useful link for all football lovers –

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