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Social Media In 2010

sm predictions

Social media had a smashing year in 2009. No one can dispute that. The web-wide popularity of social networks and social media sites reached a never-before high, and set the ball rolling for several revolutionary changes on the Internet. It is expected to do even greater things and touch greater heights in 2010. Let’s take a look at what social media experts think this year has in store for social media.

1. Social Media Will Get Real The web is already beset by the real-time craziness, and I am so not overstating things. When real-time search debuted (on social media) last year, it was received so well that all the traditional search folks jumped to get a piece of all the real action. This year social media will take the real-time aspect on web one step further and work as a veritable web trend forecaster.

2. Social Media Marketing and BusinessesThis year social media marketing will gather momentum as more and more businesses turn to this revolutionary method of internet marketing to promote their wares on the internet.

3. Social Media Vs. Email The days when marketers almost exclusively depend on email nomailmarketing for all their promotional activities on the Internet will soon be over. This year will see online marketers choosing the very versatile social media with multimedia elements and nifty sharing options over emails.

4. Social While Mobile – Another change that we are sure to see in social media this year is the definite increase in the number of people who access social media sites through their smartphones. With so many improved and ‘smarter’ smartphones available on the market, technology and bandwidth will no longer hinder us from optimally experiencing social media while on the go.

5. Corporate Social Media 2010 is the year when we’ll see the corporate world truly embracing social media. By setting up profiles on networks and corporate blogs, the previously inaccessible corporations will give themselves ‘humanized’ personas that everyone can easily relate to.

6. Social Media And WomenWomen are slowly emerging to be the most popular social media demographic.woman on sm 2010 will reveal just how much sway women can have on social media sites. Social media yet prove to the great leveler, completely smoothing out any kind of gender inequality, or better yet, it may tip the balance firmly in the favor of the female population on the net.

Social media may experience more changes than the ones mentioned above, or even completely different ones. One thing that is sure is it would be a mistake to ignore it and not try to benefit from it.
This post was inspired by another social media forecast post, in which these points are explained in detail.

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January 13th, 2010 by bhavya

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