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3 Mindblowing Online Tactics that took Obama to the White House

5th November ’08 was a historical day for the U.S & the world for more than one reason.

First, it was the election of the first ever African-American President, Barack Hussain Obama.

Second, and perhaps a bigger change over the long term was the crowning of the Internet as the king of all political media. It marked the end of an era of television that started with John F. Kennedy & the beginning of the Internet Presidency.

Barack Obama - online marketingObama & his team did a commendable job in coming up with an optimum mix of offline & online mode of election campaigns. The telling difference between him and the other was that he made his presence felt not only on television but also on the Internet.

Here are the 3 amazing tactics that Obama so effectively used to get himself to the White House:

1. Online Fund raising: With the great number of people online, there was a huge opportunity for funds to be raised on the net. The Obama team recognized this and realized that it would be easier for people to make donations online and with a sum of money they would be comfortable with. This strategy appealed to many and resulted in 94% of the funds coming in sums of $200 & less. A million little donors became the way forward.

This way, the Obama campaign was not dependent on a few rich people who would donate only to get some influence in the government. But instead, successfully reached out to the common man through the Internet, which helped them raise a little over a whopping $600 million in contributions, which poured in from over 3 million donors.

2. Building an Army of Volunteers Online: According to sources, chalked up some 1.5 million volunteer accounts. For instance, everyone who wanted to get into the 75,000-strong rally in Portland & Oregon, had to provide an e-mail address. By the time they came home from the event, an e-mail was waiting for them, asking them for funds or for referrals to other friends and encouraging them to form “affinity groups” to spread the network wider & wider. This transformed its website into a great social networking zone.

3. Using the Social Media: Obama has a personal group on every social media site like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Digg, Youtube, LinkedIn, Flickr… the list goes on. The Obama team did not leave any stone unturned in their social media marketing. There is a personal Obama page on all these sites complete with his personal information, pictures, personal notes, events, the works. There were plenty of videos as well put up on YouTube and other video sharing sites.

This effort got him 14.5 million hours of views on YouTube, 3,918,613 supporters on Facebook & 123,000 followers on Twitter to name a few.

The end result was the carving of the brand OBAMA, one which was more than successful and which will step in to power on this day, 20th January ’09. In this unconventional & unprecedented election campaign Obama managed to save around $46 million USD.

None of us know what the future will bring along with him, but there’s one thing which he most definitely has impacted, and that is the way future election campaigns will be contested the world over!

P.S. For all online marketers, there might be a few tips hidden in these tactics that can be used and adopted effectively for various product/services.

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January 21st, 2009 by admin

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